Friday, August 9, 2013

Aug 8-11 pre-ride is underway !

Yes, the first pre-ride is underway.  With Dick Felton and Peter Grant supporting, the group of Stephen, Carey, Albert and Guy made it to Midland before midnight.  It was a long day, made longer by multiple stops with the support vehicle.

Day 1 is the hardest day with almost 400k of riding.  The next three days are 300, 300 & 200km respectively, much more manageable.  Day 1 also has a lot of climbing.  

They've already found two spots that require re-routing due to construction, so this is a very good exercise.  We're also "road testing", if you will, the motel and food arrangements and making a list of all establishments open along the ride.  This should be very helpful for the riders.

The group left Midland around 5am this morning and are already past Big Chute. 

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