Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sep 10 - yes, time does fly

We're having a wrap-up call tonight with the Granite Anvil organizing committee.  We've received many positive comments and a few actionable suggestions from riders, actually more critical commentary from organizers.  It can always get better, but not much, from the comments that we've received.

We are also assembling photos, so if any riders have some to share with us, please send them along and/or provide a link. 

We have found a few blogs from riders.  If you have blogged about the ride, let us know.  We're interested !


Sunday, August 25, 2013

The sun is rising over Oshawa

We've had another DNF - Bob C.. He wasn't going to have time to sleep in Napanee and bailed short of there.

That makes four, so with 45 starters and three already complete we have 38 riders on the road.

I'm expecting Ken and Michael in the next hour or so unless either of them found somewhere to sleep along the way.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunday 00:50 Sharbot Lake -- Final Rider Through

Another close encounter with a closing time.  This time 3 mintues.
Bon Courage! 
Now rewarded with a relatively easy 80km of flat and steady 100m decent into Napanee control, 10-13C, calm winds, waning gibous moon for company. 

Renato in @ 00:56

We now have three riders in. At this point several riders are on the course between Napanee and Oshawa but no one is expected for the next couple of hours so it's sleep time !
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First riders in !

Marcel and Brian came in at 11:55. Renato is 27 kms out.
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Saturday 20:12 -- Lead riders approaching Rice Lake

Brian Brideau and Marcel Marion are approaching Rice Lake.   Renato Alessandrini is about an hour behind them.    Ken Bonner is also on the road past Napanee.   It looks look first finishers will be in between 23:30 and 01:30.

Saturday 20:09 -- Plevna Done!

As the sun set in Plevna, the last rider arrived with 42 minute margin to closing time.  It was a different rider than the one that previously achieved the 1 minute margin in Barry's Bay closing time.  Carey and Terry, the roaming and rhyming duo, the coffee-fairies who yesterday delivered sunrise coffee to Central Control, are closing Plevna.